Sponsor Our Kids

Thank you for supporting ACTS of Love. Some sweet mail is headed your way!

Why Sponsor Our Children?

ACTS of Love thrives on monthly contributions from generous individuals like yourself. With your support, we are able to keep our center free, promote healthy learning, and give mom and dad the opportunity to return to high school!

What happens when I become a Sponsor?

As a Sponsor, your monthly contributions will support the care and education of all the children and families we serve at ACTS of Love (not just one of them…but all of them benefit!) You will get sweet mail, fun updates, and opportunities to connect with families at ACTS of Love.

How do I become a Sponsor?

We are honored by your generosity, and greatly appreciate any support you are able to give. To become a Sponsor, select the level at which you would like to give by clicking the image above. You will be redirected to our online giving site. Fill in your payment information and you are all set!