Imagine a world where everyone has access to the education they need…

We believe that everyone should have access to education. For teen parents, access to education means access to affordable, quality childcare as well. At ACTS of Love, we provide free childcare to teen parent families and give teen parents the support they need in order to complete their high school education. Since our opening in 2015, we have helped 31 teen parents graduate from high school. Our graduates have gone on to do incredible things…They are raising strong families, working full time jobs, attending college and vocational school, and growing to be active members of our communities.

Access to education is vital to the health of families and our communities. When a teen parent is able to graduate high school, they will earn approximately $8,000 more annually than those who dropped out. They are better equipped to enter the workforce and obtain well-paying jobs. In addition, they are setting an example of educational achievement for their children. Children whose parents graduated from high school are more likely to also graduate from high school than those whose parents dropped out. In addition, we know that attending a quality early childhood program helps prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Access to education for teen parents and their children is absolutely necessary and we are here to make it happen.

“ACTS of Love has given me the opportunity to reach towards my dreams that seemed impossible when I first became a teen parent. With their help, I have been able to finish high school knowing [my daughter] is in a safe place with great people meeting her needs. This has allowed me to focus on my studies and to complete my education. Not only are they there for my daughter, but for [my boyfriend] and I as well. They have given us so much support and knowledge. [They] guide us with parenting and higher education information that we need to better support our family. [They have] helped me gather college information and build rapport with the admissions team at the university that I am very interested in attending. [They have] also built my confidence in continuing my education, with a little one, after high school. ACTS of Love has made sure there are no needs left uncovered.” – Kaitlin, Class of 2018